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New Leadership Required!!!

The leaders in this State are killing this State. They have passed a bill that the Governor will sign to raise the minimum wage to $9 next July and to $10 by January of 2016.

Don't they know that this State has 8.7% unemployment, 1.3% higher than the national average?

Don't they know that businesses are closing their doors or leaving this State, nearly 73,000 fewer businesses in 2012?

Don't they realize that people are NOT coming to California anymore and many are leaving?

Don't they realize that businesses are already going to be paying more for each employee due to ObamaCare?

We need a whole-sale change of leadership in this State!



Need For Unions is Over!!!

Once again, the unions are stepping in to create a problem. They have been trying for many years now to destroy Walmart because they are a "non-union" shop. Now, they are going after the fast-food industry claiming the workers are not paid a "living wage."

Well, these types of part time jobs - gas station attendant, fast-food restaurant workers, box-boy, checker or stocking shelves at the local supermarket or hardware store - were never intended to be "careers". These positions were typically filled by high school students as their first jobs. Today, they are often filled by individuals who are trying to make ends meet, with even more being those who were in a career, but due to the failed economy which has yet to recover, find themselves unable to find work in their field and just want to bring in more money than unemployment provides.

These unions do not think about the consequences of what they demand. If these companies were to double the pay of all their workers, they would have to double the prices of the goods they sold. Are you going to pay $12.00 for a Big Mac Combo Meal when you can go to a restaurant and get a much better meal for that price? Of course not. And, that is the problem, meeting these demands would drive these business to close their doors as happened with Hostess or require a "government bailout" as happened with the auto industry.

Yes, I am tired of the unions. I have a couple stories that show their time of usefulness has come to an end.

First ... My Dad was a unionized trucker for most of his career. However, near the end of his career, his employer closed down some "unionized" locations including where my Dad was. He moved to a different location that was not unionized. He wound up having the same benefits with more take home pay since he was not having to pay union dues. Since he was the senior person at this new location, the union was constantly after him to "bring the union in" to the location. He told them, "why would I?"

Second ... I was sent by my company to resolve a critical issue at a phone company on the East Coast. When I arrived at the facility, I asked to have a couple of computers to use so I could investigate and resolve the critical issues they were seeing. I was told that I would have to wait for the "service person" because I was not allowed to "touch" the computers according to union rules. I waited for nearly two hours for this "service person" to arrive. Then, he sat there and watched me work. When it was his lunch time, I had to stop working. When I needed to reboot the system - push a button on the front of the computer, which I think was only twice that day, I had to ask him to do it. And, when his day was over, I had to stop working. I only got about 5 hours worth of work in that day. Thankfully, I was able to solve the issue in that time. However, what a waste of time for both me and the "service person" who was paid his full wages for pushing a button twice during his work day which was of NO benefit for his employer that day.

The need for unions is over!!!

Reference article:

No More!

"They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

We have seen the government slowly usurp our rights over the last several decades. I'm sure we can find incidents that would show such usurpation's for every right enumerated in the first 9 Amendments to the Constitution. And, we have been complacent all along, agreeing that those usurpation's are acceptable in exchange for some "benefit" the government has promised.

Now, we have proof that the government is monitoring the activities of ordinary, law-abiding citizens under the premise that "it helps us stop terrorism." And, again, we have many people agreeing that it is an acceptable "trade."

I, for one, do not agree that it is an acceptable trade!

The issue of sacrificing liberty for safety is not a new discussion as the above quote from Benjamin Franklin clearly demonstrates. Yet, here we are, willingly giving up "essential liberty" for a little temporary safety. How soon we forget the events of Boston.

No amount of "sacrificing" our liberties will result in complete safety. Terrorist acts will happen because terrorists will find a way. Just as there will always be crazy people who want to kill a bunch of innocents, there will always be terrorists intent on destroying our way of life. The more we "sacrifice" our liberties, the more those terrorists win.

Let's take the words of Benjamin Franklin to heart and say, "NO MORE."

No more will you ignore my rights as an American citizen.
No more will I stand idly by.

I will say, "NO MORE!"

Gun-Control Proponents Argument Debunked!

One of the arguments gun-control proponents have made when responding to the fact that firearm-related homicides have decreased over the last 20 years is that trauma medicine has improved, so more people are saved when shot. The implication is that firearm-related crimes have not decreased overall, just more people are surviving the violence.

A recent report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics debunks that argument. The report shows that the number of non-fatal firearm-related crimes has dropped even more than the firearm-related homicide rate has dropped. So, the number of firearm-related crimes (both fatal and non-fatal) has dropped by approximately 69% since 1993.

That is VERY good news for those of us who cherish ALL of our rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. As my t-shirt and Facebook cover banner say, "God, guns and guts made America free. Let's keep all three!"

Please read the highlights on the page!!!

Properly handling situations that make us feel uncomfortable or upset ...

Why does it seem so many people today do not know how to handle situations that make them feel uncomfortable or upset?

Matthew 18:15-17 instructs us how to handle a situation where a "brother or sister sins." This same prescription can be applied even when "sin" isn't the issue. First, we talk with the individual directly, face to face. If that doesn't work, then we bring one or two others with us and talk with the individual again. If that still doesn't work, then we go to those who are in a position of authority, such as a supervisor at work or event organizers if at an event or the Church. If they still don't listen then, as 17b suggests, we ignore them, they aren't worth our time.

A recent event that occurred at PyCon, a conference for Python developers, is a prime example of what happens when someone does not handle the situation properly. The person who was offended expressed their feelings in public via Twitter without ever speaking to those who offended them. The organizers of the conference became aware of the Twitter post and pulled the poster and those who offended them aside. Apologies were given and all was well. Unfortunately, that was not the end of the story. Since they aired their feelings publicly, others got involved in the situation. In the end, one of the individuals who had offended the poster had been fired, the hacker group Anonymous had taken down the poster's website and the website of the company they worked for and, ultimately, they were fired as well.

We need to do a better job of handling these types of situations. We can not rush to air our grievances in public. In our overly politically correct society, airing these types of incidents will have far worse consequences than what we had ever intended.

God has given us the prescription for handling these types of situations. Please, let's remember to follow that prescription!


Matthew 18:15-17 --

PyCon incident --

Common sense lost ...

Why is it that when a person sits as a politician, all common sense goes out the window and they fail to stand against what they believe to be wrong?

School Board member Joe Hurtado even acknowledges the situational common sense saying he stands behind the deal though, if it were a mortgage, he "would run."

I have heard similar comments it in other areas of government. For example, at a City Council meeting some years ago, a member of the Council stated, "While I am philosophically opposed to eminent domain, it is a necessary tool."

We need to stop electing these people!

We need representatives who will use common sense when making decisions. We need representatives who will stand firm when they are opposed to something.

School Districts Pay Dearly For Bonds [SFC]

Disparities in Protection ...

How is the President protected?
How are members of Congress protected?
How are Governors protected?
How are the courts protected?
How are jewelery stores protected?
How are banks protected?
How are people at amusement parks protected?
How are people at sporting events protected?
How are people at concerts protected?

Answer: Armed Guards

-- secret service, sheriffs, police, security guards, etc.
-- many of these armed guards carry "assault weapons"

How are our children protected at school?
How are people protected at many movie theaters?
How are people protected at most malls?
How are people protected at most private businesses?

Answer: A sign that says, "This is a Gun Free Zone."

-- It is true that, should there be an emergency, someone can call the police. They will show up "armed" about 5 minutes AFTER the emergency was called in.

Where have the majority of mass shootings occurred in the last 30 years?

Answer: schools and private businesses

Please share these "facts" with your representatives at all levels of government, especially Congress as they are considering further restrictions on our ability to protect ourselves and our children. Ask them to 1) eliminate gun free zones, 2) expand concealed carry permits and allow individuals with permits to carry in public places and 3) remove barriers that prevent those who need mental health treatment from receiving appropriate care.

Losing freedoms ...

Why is it when someone abuses a freedom today, it is those who did not abuse the freedom that lose it?