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Merry Christmas to ALL !!!

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And, here is a musical number from the Go Fish Guys...

Christmas With a Capital "C"

It's just a growth ... or ... down the slippery slope we go!

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Here's an article that demonstrates the direction we are traveling as a society.

When is twins too many?

Just imagine where we will be tomorrow!

Mollom no longer in use ...

I stated here that I was using the Mollom module to help reduce the amount of anonymous comment spam that gets posted on this site. Unfortunately, it stopped working as I had hoped. Somehow, the setting for Mollom changed to text analysis from the captcha setting I had originally chosen. The text analysis mode was allowing several anonymous comments with spam through every day.

So, Mollom has been disabled!

I am now using the CAPTCHA module with the Image Captcha enabled. I have not had any anonymous comments with spam since.

I will keep you up-to-date if there are any changes ...

Deception ...

Why do we feel the need to deceive when trying to convince others that something is right?

The Kings played the Ottawa Senators last night (11/22/2010). Unfortunately, they lost!

The Kings scored a goal with 3 seconds left in the game. The referee waved it off immediately saying the stick was above the crossbar when it struck the puck. (For those not familiar with hockey rules, the stick must be lower than the crossbar of the goal when it strikes the puck and the puck ends up in the goal.) The video review said there was insufficient evidence to overturn the ruling on the ice.

Now, to the problem I have ...

Matt Murray posted the article "Game 20: Kings fall victim to some home cooking". The article uses a couple of photographs to suggest that the puck was "already past Leclaire" (the goalie) before the questionable stick to puck contact was made. However, looking at the pictures below carefully, it is plain to see that they are not from the same play.

First, if you watch the video replay (available here), you can see that Smyth is positioned to the left of the goal during the period in question as shown in the second picture. The first picture shows Smyth positioned in front of the goal.

Secondly, the pictures suggest that Smyth's stick was rising. However, once again, the video replay shows his stick moving downward.

Clearly, these pictures DO NOT prove that "the current system the NHL uses for replay is flawed" as the writer suggests.

I wanted it to be a goal, but clearly there was nothing definitive that would have allowed the replay official to overturn the call on the ice. If the call on the ice had allowed the goal, it would not have been overturned. Unfortunately, the call on the ice was no goal.

The system works.

Now, had they had better camera angles, who knows!

YLRRR Wins. Do we?

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The Yorba Linda City Council, a five member body, now has four members who were hand picked by YLRRR (Yorba Linda Residents for Responsible Representation). Those members are:

  • John Anderson
  • Nancy Rikel
  • Mark Schwing
  • Tom Lindsey

Is this good for Yorba Linda?

Vote Today!!!

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It is our duty as citizens of this Country to vote.

Get out and vote today!!!

I will be voting NO on both Measure Y and Measure Z.

There are some good arguments against both here and Brenda McCune, a City Council candidate I will be voting for, has a good article on why to vote NO on Measure Y here.

YLRRR Continues Attack on Mrs. Horton with Hitpiece ...

I received the following hit piece in the mail a couple of days ago.

Now, no one can question the fact that YLRRR is targeting Mrs. Horton. All they have to do is look at the road signs and this hit piece YLRRR has put out.

And, how disingenuous can they be?

One of the points on the back of the flyer is, "Unable to Vote on Town Center Development".

1) They claim she "failed to fully disclose" her proximity to the Town Center area. YLRRR knew exactly where she lived when they supported and actively campaigned for her in 2006.

2) This is exactly what she has been fighting for. She has asked that the Council/Redevelopment Agency to address some of the Town Center issues separately rather than inclusively which would give her the opportunity to have a voice in a majority of the Town Center area. However, the Council, led by Mr. Anderson, a YLRRR supported council member, has refused to do as she asks. Now, YLRRR uses that against her.

There are several other areas where they are misleading by pointing out how she voted on something, yet others had to vote the same way. For example, they point out that she supported the 2007 Landscape and Lighting increase which was put on a ballot for the property owners that would be affected. What they leave out is that it takes at least 3 yes votes for the issue to be put on the ballot. Since it was put on the ballot, she was not the lone vote in support of the increase.

Again, it is clear to me and should now be to everyone, YLRRR is targeting Mrs. Horton. And, it's not about beliefs, it's about payback!

How I will vote ...

I normally try to study the candidates and issues before voting. I'll have to admit though that I haven't been as diligent this year, especially for the primary election earlier this year.

I do know how I will be voting for a couple of the major offices for California and all of the propositions that will appear on the ballot this November. For those offices that I haven't made a decision on, especially the lesser offices, I will generally vote for the republican candidate. I have, on occasion, voted for the libertarian candidate. (I voted for the libertarian candidate for Governor in 2006. I knew then as most everyone knows now that Arnold was NOT the best candidate for the job!)

Governor -- Meg Whitman
I don't agree with some of her positions, especially on some social issues. I very much like her ability to "run a corporation" which is sorely needed in this State. I also like the fact that she is not a "career politician" although that is not always a plus as Governor Schwarzenegger has demonstrated.

Senator -- Carly Fiorina
I don't agree with some of her positions but contrasting here with Barbara Boxer is virtually night and day. I do like her ability to run a corporation even though she was not as successful as Meg Whitman.

Proposition 19 -- Marijuana Legalization -- YES
I will take a lot a flack on this from a lot of people. A lot of money and lives have been wasted on the "war on drugs". We need to learn from our past where it was clearly demonstrated that trying to prohibit something that many want just moves its distribution underground. (Anyone remember the prohibition era? It fostered tremendous growth in criminal activity as related to the distribution of alcohol.)

Proposition 20 -- Redistricting -- YES
Redrawing district boundaries should not be done by the politicians who benefit from the way the boundaries are drawn!

Proposition 21 -- Vehicle License Surcharge -- NO
Do we really want to give the State another way to take more of our money? Free admission to State Parks is appealing, but the majority of people in this State do not visit State Parks. I believe that is exactly what the legislature is banking on.

Proposition 22 -- Local Funds -- YES
Preventing the State from "raiding" the funds of local agencies or those set aside for transportation is a good thing.

Proposition 23 -- Suspend AB32 -- YES
AB32, the Air Pollution Control law, is costing us jobs in this State. We need this suspended and eventually repealed.

Proposition 24 -- Business Taxes -- NO
Businesses in this State are struggling. We don't need the State taking more of "their" precious income.

Proposition 25 -- Two-Thirds State Budget -- NO
Eliminating the two-thirds vote requirement for passing the State Budget opens the door for the State Legislature to pass budgets that include various methods of taking more of our money with a simple majority vote. The State needs to learn to "live within it's means" like you and I have to. Keeping the two-thirds vote requirement helps that happen.

Proposition 26 -- Two-Thirds State Fees -- YES
Implements a two-thirds vote requirement for fees and other surcharge increases in order for them to be passed by the State Legislature. Let's make it known to the State Legislature that they must "live within their means".

Proposition 27 -- Redistricting -- NO
Why would we eliminate the independent commission we asked to be created when we passed Proposition 11 in 2008? We need redistricting to be independent!