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2012 Election -- GOP Candidates

I know. It's still early, but there is a lot going on in the GOP Presidential race. Who are you supporting?

Here are links to the websites of the top 4 GOP candidates. Read, study and listen. It is important that we are "informed voters" when we go to the polls next year!

I haven't decided yet who I will be supporting. Right now, I am leaning towards Mr. Gingrich even though I have a slight aversion to career politicians. I like Mr. Cain, but his 9-9-9 plan doesn't seem very workable to me and, he winds up spending so much time explaining it that he is unable to share his positions on other issues. Mr. Perry seems to struggle in front of people, as do I, but I really like his flat tax proposal. (I supported the flat tax when Mr. Forbes ran for President.) And, I'm not sure what it is, but I just don't care for Mr. Romney as a candidate.

Let me know what you think!

How I will vote ...

I normally try to study the candidates and issues before voting. I'll have to admit though that I haven't been as diligent this year, especially for the primary election earlier this year.

I do know how I will be voting for a couple of the major offices for California and all of the propositions that will appear on the ballot this November. For those offices that I haven't made a decision on, especially the lesser offices, I will generally vote for the republican candidate. I have, on occasion, voted for the libertarian candidate. (I voted for the libertarian candidate for Governor in 2006. I knew then as most everyone knows now that Arnold was NOT the best candidate for the job!)

Governor -- Meg Whitman
I don't agree with some of her positions, especially on some social issues. I very much like her ability to "run a corporation" which is sorely needed in this State. I also like the fact that she is not a "career politician" although that is not always a plus as Governor Schwarzenegger has demonstrated.

Senator -- Carly Fiorina
I don't agree with some of her positions but contrasting here with Barbara Boxer is virtually night and day. I do like her ability to run a corporation even though she was not as successful as Meg Whitman.

Proposition 19 -- Marijuana Legalization -- YES
I will take a lot a flack on this from a lot of people. A lot of money and lives have been wasted on the "war on drugs". We need to learn from our past where it was clearly demonstrated that trying to prohibit something that many want just moves its distribution underground. (Anyone remember the prohibition era? It fostered tremendous growth in criminal activity as related to the distribution of alcohol.)

Proposition 20 -- Redistricting -- YES
Redrawing district boundaries should not be done by the politicians who benefit from the way the boundaries are drawn!

Proposition 21 -- Vehicle License Surcharge -- NO
Do we really want to give the State another way to take more of our money? Free admission to State Parks is appealing, but the majority of people in this State do not visit State Parks. I believe that is exactly what the legislature is banking on.

Proposition 22 -- Local Funds -- YES
Preventing the State from "raiding" the funds of local agencies or those set aside for transportation is a good thing.

Proposition 23 -- Suspend AB32 -- YES
AB32, the Air Pollution Control law, is costing us jobs in this State. We need this suspended and eventually repealed.

Proposition 24 -- Business Taxes -- NO
Businesses in this State are struggling. We don't need the State taking more of "their" precious income.

Proposition 25 -- Two-Thirds State Budget -- NO
Eliminating the two-thirds vote requirement for passing the State Budget opens the door for the State Legislature to pass budgets that include various methods of taking more of our money with a simple majority vote. The State needs to learn to "live within it's means" like you and I have to. Keeping the two-thirds vote requirement helps that happen.

Proposition 26 -- Two-Thirds State Fees -- YES
Implements a two-thirds vote requirement for fees and other surcharge increases in order for them to be passed by the State Legislature. Let's make it known to the State Legislature that they must "live within their means".

Proposition 27 -- Redistricting -- NO
Why would we eliminate the independent commission we asked to be created when we passed Proposition 11 in 2008? We need redistricting to be independent!