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The blame game ...

The philosophy of many today is to place blame on someone or something other than the person who committed the action of concern. For example, with each shooting incident, the blame is placed on the availability of guns as calls for stricter gun control laws always follow.

The recent attack resulting in the death of Ambassador Stevens is a prime example. Rather than focusing on bringing those who killed the Ambassador to justice, the maker of an anti-Islam film is taken into custody for questioning because the film is being blamed for the violence.

I too hear and see things that upset me as I know many others do as well. However, we recognize that these types of acts are wrong and we restrain ourselves. It is a choice we make.

We must not forget that it is a person or group of people who "choose" to commit these acts. We recognize that the people who commit these types of acts have varying reasons for why they commit them. Nonetheless, they "make a conscious decision" to commit the act. Therefore, those who commit the acts need to experience the full force of justice, not the "reasons" they have for or the "instruments" they used in committing the acts.