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YLRRR Continues Attack on Mrs. Horton with Hitpiece ...

I received the following hit piece in the mail a couple of days ago.

Now, no one can question the fact that YLRRR is targeting Mrs. Horton. All they have to do is look at the road signs and this hit piece YLRRR has put out.

And, how disingenuous can they be?

One of the points on the back of the flyer is, "Unable to Vote on Town Center Development".

1) They claim she "failed to fully disclose" her proximity to the Town Center area. YLRRR knew exactly where she lived when they supported and actively campaigned for her in 2006.

2) This is exactly what she has been fighting for. She has asked that the Council/Redevelopment Agency to address some of the Town Center issues separately rather than inclusively which would give her the opportunity to have a voice in a majority of the Town Center area. However, the Council, led by Mr. Anderson, a YLRRR supported council member, has refused to do as she asks. Now, YLRRR uses that against her.

There are several other areas where they are misleading by pointing out how she voted on something, yet others had to vote the same way. For example, they point out that she supported the 2007 Landscape and Lighting increase which was put on a ballot for the property owners that would be affected. What they leave out is that it takes at least 3 yes votes for the issue to be put on the ballot. Since it was put on the ballot, she was not the lone vote in support of the increase.

Again, it is clear to me and should now be to everyone, YLRRR is targeting Mrs. Horton. And, it's not about beliefs, it's about payback!

Michael Burns

I see no opposing view to Michael Burn's article. Only one side is shown. Why?

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